Health and safety coordinator

“Health and safety coordinator for the investment design stage” is any individual who is entrusted by the contracting entity and/or the authorized person to perform the following tasks:

  1. Coordinates the implementation of the general principles of prevention and safety in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act in:
    • making technical and/or organizational decisions for the simultaneous or sequential performance of stages and types of construction works;
    • assessing the time needed to complete the stages and types of construction works;
  2. coordinates the implementation of the Health and Safety at Work requirements under Art. 16 (1) and the health and safety plan, when needed, by the contractors and, when necessary, the protection of workers who are self-employed;
  3. Updates the health and safety plan to consider any changes that have occurred with the advancement of the construction works;
  4. organizes the joint work between the contractors, incl. subcontractors and the subsequently joined contractors on the same construction site; provides mutual information and coordinates their activities in order to protect workers and prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases, including where necessary self-employed workers activity;
  5. coordinates the control of the proper execution of the construction works; undertakes the necessary measures to make the site available only to the people who are involved in the construction works;

The health and safety coordinator functions during the construction phase can be executed by:

  • a consultant (for I – IV construction categories only);
  • technical manager (for category V construction);

The Health and Safety Coordinator must be an authorized person with a qualification, professional experience and technical competence in the field of design, construction, health and safety execution of the construction works, proven by a diploma, licenses and certificate.


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